At MINDscapes we listen to your concerns and assess your child’s unique special education needs.  Then we create the best plan and tailored services to match their current skill set.  We blast through barriers and help you child overcome and achieve their goals!

Do you feel overwhelmed by all of the changes in the world of special education? Are you trying to find the best supports and services for you child?  At MINDscapes we are here to help. 

We are a group of special education providers dedicated to breaking down barriers that limit access to education.  We love to share information and help parents and students feel confident as they gain momentum in their academic and daily living skills.  Our special education experts provide all of their services at one convenient location in Pickerington, Ohio. 

Services offered include: Cognitive/Achievement testing, Behavior Counseling, Speech and Language Therapy, Social Pragmatics, Occupational Therapy, NeurOptimal Feedback, Orton-Gillinham Tutoring, Dyslexia Screenings, Interventions Services, Independent Educational Evaluations, and more. 

All of our providers are also experienced and trained in working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  We apply our experience in special education to help your child meet their educational and life goals.  Please let us know how we can help you today!

MINDscapes Therapies and Services

School Psychological Services________

We offer a variety of school psychological services including: Full-scale Educational Evaluations, Educational Consulting, Anxiety and Trauma Counseling, Behavior Assessments, Functional Behavior Plans, Executive Functions, Dyslexia Interventions, and more.  Visit the School Psychological Services Page for a detailed look at our at all of our therapy optionss.

School-Based Services_______________

Our MINDscapes school teams have years of hands-on experience in school-based services.  All of our service providers are actively licensed by their governing boards and have met or exceeded professional development requirements.  We have provided school-based services for over 10 years in Columbus, OH with plans to expand to other metro locations in 2021.  Our teams are led by top quality professionals in their fields, with several PhDs on staff.  We value flexibility and creativity when it comes to meeting the demands of your special education students.  We offer direct, in-person services.  Most of our services are also available via tele-therapy.  We provide Gold Level services with our hand-selected teams.

For additional fees we are also able to contract for the following services: Special Education Record Compliance Checks, Health Screenings, Evaluation Caseload Management, IEP Tracking, Staff Trainings, Parent Communication and Scheduling, and more.

Click Here to learn more about our School-Based Service Teams

Educational Services________________

Our educational services include: Orton-Gillingham Tutoring, Academic Interventions, Behavioral Interventions, IEP planning, IEP servicing, Homeschool Consultation, Social Skills, and more.  We can assist individuals with autism, cognitive impairments, social-emotional issues, and a variety of learning disorders.  To see a full list of services, visit our Educational Services Page.

Occupational Therapy_______________

Our occupational therapists provide a range of services from hands-on therapy to strengthen muscles to helping students develop daily living skills like shopping and cleaning.  We also assist individuals in bulding their employment skills.  To read more about our Occupational Therapy Department, click here.

Speech and Language Therapy______

Our Speech and Language Therapy department is equipped to service all of your S/L therapy needs.  We can evaluate your child’s speech and create a therapy plan that will help them make progress in the classroom setting.  It’s not just how we pronounce words (articulation) but how we put them together in a meaningful way that helps us communicate effectively.  Learn more here.

NeurOptimal® Feedback____________

NeurOptimal offers a unique form of training for the brain, giving us the opportunity to function at our best.  This dynamic feedback system uses 5 diodes (attached to the ears and head) to detect brain wave patterns.  The patient listens to music while resting or watching the graphic display on the monitor.

When the NeurOptimal module detects a variation in brain waves, the software pauses the music for milliseconds at a time, which triggers your brain to refocus.  NeurOptimal is able to give immediate feedback to your brain and help you feel calm and focused.  Many patients report a significant change in their focus, positive thinking, and general sense of calm.  Visit the NeurOptimal® Page to learn more.

 Staff Highlight,

Dr. Kelli Sears

Head of Psychological Services.

We are so excited to announce that Dr. Sears recently got her certification as Nationally Certified Autism Specialist.  Dr. Kelli recently completed an extensive online training and is now an official Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinical Specialist through Evergreen Certifications (a nationally recognized professional development center).  Her passion for education is reflected in her non-stop quest to be one of the nation’s leading autism specialists.  Congratulation to Dr. Sears and all that she has accomplished. 


Don’t judge people for where they are at, for you have no idea how far they have come to get there.” – Dr. Kelli Sears

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