Educational Services

Our educational services include: Orton-Gillingham Tutoring, IEP planning, IEP servicing, Homeschool Consultation, Social Skills, and more.  We can assist individuals with autism, cognitive impairments, social-emotional issues, and a variety of learning disorders. 


We have a variety of specialized tutors avialable to teach reading, writing, spelling, math, science, and other subjects upon request.  For indivdiuals with Specific Learning Disorders the Orton-Gillingham Approach is likely to be successful.

Orton-Gillingham Tutoring

The Orton-Gillinham approach to instruction can be very effective for individuals with difficulty reading, spelling, and writing.  Many individuals with learning disabilites  (dsylexia for example) show great improvement in their reading, writing, and spelling skills when instructed using the OG approach.  Each lesson is specifically tailored to their current level of performance and focuses on strengths to improve weaknesses.

IEPs and Intervention Services

We can help with your child’s Individualized Education Plan.  We are available for consultation during the IEP process with your school district.  You can discuss concerns and we can make a suggested list of accommodations and modifications to the education plan.
At MINDscapes we also provide a full scope of  Intervention Services specifically designed to target areas of academic weakness.

Homeschool Consultations

Whether you are thinking of homeschooling for the first time or a seasoned veteran with a special needs child, we help with your homeschooling needs.  We can create education plan and provide special education services to your child through the Ohio Scholarship Program.  We also provide advocacy for homeschoolers trying to get evaluations conducted by their school district and follow through the process with you to help drive their IEP.

Parent Advocacy

We will advocae for your child’s best educational options, every time.  If you disagree with the results of your child’s Evaluation Team Report or IEP Meeting, we can help you move forward with a private evaluation or contact the school district regarding amending the IEP.  We will also represent students at explusion and disciplinary hearings when behavior is a part of their IEP.

“This establishment has been a gift from above for our entire family. My son was struggling with reading, executive functioning, speech, and practicing safety in this world prior to attending this program. His main teacher, Stephen Potts gained our son’s trust almost immediately by accepting him as his own child.

Stephen and Lucas worked really hard on social skills and now Lucas is a confident reader. I highly recommend this program for all children and especially those who struggle through traditional education programs. This staff is amazing and will bless your entire family.”

DeDe E. – Parent

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