School Psychological Services

We offer a variety of school psychological services including: Full-scale Educational Evaluations, Educational Consulting, Anxiety and Trauma Counseling, Behavior Assessments, Functional Behavior Plans, Executive Functions, and MNRI for Dyslexia. 

Educational Evaluations

We provide full-scale evaluation services including: Autism, Behavior, Academics, Social-Emotional, and Cognitive (IQ).   We used the most advanced and current evaluation scales to provide an in-depth look at areas of strength and weakness.  We are able to provide school-based diagnosis for many common childhood learning issues including ADHD, Dsylexia, and more.

Therapies for Anxiety and Trauma

We provide a variety of therapies that can help with trauma, stress, anxiety, and PTSD.  Cogntive-Behavioral Therapy, Neuroptimal Feedback, Crisis Counseling, and more.  Our counseling is only available to students or adult learners.  If you are looking for clinical therapist, you can give us a call and we will refer you to one our trusted professionals.

Executive Functions

Executive Functions provde us with the ability to organize, plan, and execute tasks.  This includes keeping track of schedules, homework, appointment, routines, etc.  Executive Functions are important to help us focus, study, and learn. We have several approaches that we can take to help build executive functions depending on the age and needs of the individual.

Functional Behavior Analysis

FBAs are a thorough look at current and historical behavior trends in the school and home settings.  A record review, parent interview, standard protocol assessments, and evaluator insights are all provided with a detailed plan including interventions to regulate student behavior and help them focus on learning.

Social-Emotional Skills

We conduct full scale social-emotional evaluations which can provide school-based diagnoses for ADHD, OCD, ODD, and many other behavior-based disorders.  We offer therapies and group sessions to help students develop a better sense of emotional well-being and work on their social interactions in a controlled small-group or 1:1 setting.

“Dr. Kelli Sears is absolutely amazing with children, parents, and educators! MINDscapes is the place to be for help with public, private, and home schooled children. Highly recommend!”

Sharon – Parent

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