Why MINDscapes?


We LOVE helping people reach their goals.

At MINDscapes LLC we believe that no goal is too small and it’s never too late to learn.  We believe that any gap can be bridged with dedication, creativity, and patience.  We are a team of professionals from various educational disciplines who work hand-in-hand, using evidence-based strategies, to help your child reach their maximum learning potential.  

How we got started

Dr. Kelli Sears founded MINDscapes in 2019 with her daughter Kendra Potts.  Her previous experience included 8 years of service as school psychologist in Columbus.  After her departure from public education, she found Navigating Autism (2012-2019) and supervised teams of special education service providers in addition to working a full time caseload in charter schools throughout central Ohio.  After splitting with the founding parter of Navigating Autism, MINDscapes LLC was born. 

The MINDscapes Way

At MINDscapes we use an evidence-based approach to special education that is multi-faceted and inter-disciplinary.  This means that we use multiple types of therapy simultaneously to target a problem.  Furthermore, our providers meet as a team to discuss their findings and progress on each student.  We believe that many focused minds are better than one, and that together we can achieve the best results.  We have assembled an amazing staff with over 80 years of combined experience in their respective fields.  Our professionals are dedicated and passionate.  They apply their experience, creativity, and willingness to learn to everything that they do, each day.

MINDscapes was founded on the idea that all students should have access to GOLD level services regardless of their economic status or district of residence.  We now provide a full array of educational services and clinical therapies at our brick-and-mortar location in Pickerington, Ohio.  Additionally we service the special education needs of many private and charter schools in Franklin and Fairfield counties.

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