The SAIL Program at MINDscapes


SAIL (Select Adventures in Learning) combines Group and Individual therapies into one program with a classroom style setting.  The goals and activities of each child are driven by their IEPs while participating in group therapy and social interactions. 

SAIL provides therapy for Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy, Behavior, Social Skills, Scroll down to read more about how the SAIL program will benefit your child’s academic performance, increase their social skills, and help their confidence soar!

Stephen Potts - Orton Gillingham Specialist

Zero Cost to Families*

The SAIL program at MINDscapes was designed to save you Time and Money. We staff our SAIL program with top-quality providers who are passionate about Special Education.

*The cost of SAIL is covered by either the JPSN or Autism Scholarship.

Educational Therapies at SAIL

SAIL combines individual and group therapies on a set schedule, three days a week, in a “classroom-style” setting.  The individual sessions take place as push-in or pull-out services as driven by the child’s IEP.

Individual Therapies at SAIL

SAIL students receive invidivudal therapy during SAIL time.  Depending on their level of the need, the speech and language therapist (for example) might pull the student out for 15 mintes of individual therapy and then observe/coach them within the  SAIL room.

Like skills are also incorporated into SAIL with activities that teach skills realated to daily living including: cooking, cleaning, washing dishes, laundry, and more.  Our therapists incorporate life skills into the treament plans.

Social Hour

The last hour of every class is “Social Hour”. Our therapists push into the classroom and teach social skills in real time. They coach the student through social interactions such as: board games, card games, talking prompts, and many more. They accomplish this by offering real-time feedback.

Field Trips

The SAIL students will be taking regular field trips to local area parks, businesses, and attractions to work on public safety and daily living skills.  The calendar will be posted quarterly.

The SAIL Program at MINDscapes was created as the solution for children with atypical learning needs.  SAIL moves them forward in their areas of weakness, and builds their areas of strength.

Treatment plans at MINDscapes are created with a data-driven, individualized approach to education.  Group therapy focuses on academics, individual services supplement areas of need, and it all comes together at the end of the day with “Social Hour”.

SAIL operates 3 days per week (M/W/F) with the younger age group attending in the morning and the older group (Middle School +) attending in the afternoon.

Reserve a valuable spot in the SAIL program for your child, call (614) 604-6067 or complete the following form by clicking the link below.

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Stephen Potts - Orton Gillingham Specialist
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“Enrolling my daughter in the SAIL program has simplified our schedule and moved her forward significantly,  academically and socially.”
K.S. – MINDscapes Parent