Careers at MINDscapes

For Immediate Hire: Full-Time School Psychologist

Do you ever think “there has to be a better job out there somewhere”?

At MINDscapes LLC we strive to provide the best Special Education Services available to local families and school districts.  We also we strive to provide amazing employment opportunities to individuals who are looking to grow their careers.  Additionally, we are a small family owned business and we are growing every day.

Are you bored doing the same thing day after day?

We have a wide variety of offerings in local private/charter/credit recovery school districts.   Whenever possible we tailor your caseload and work environment to your preferences.  We have a wide variety of contracts with school networks in different areas of Franklin County.

Worried about the COVID exposure?

While sometimes you are required to meet in person (cognitive and achievement testing for example) most of your work can be completed via teletherapy, email, phone calls, and Google meetings.  We only work with schools and networks that follow standard COVID safety procedures and require strict COVID protocols to be followed by their staff.

The MINDscapes Way

We value work/life balance and we want to help people grow in their career.  Whether you are looking for your dream job or wanting to start a company of your own someday, we would love to work with you and help you grow as an individual and a professional.   We are currently offering a full-time position with an immediate effective start date.  If you are able to manage your own workload and generate unique and creative ideas to break down learning barriers…we need you!

The ideal candidate will be…

An outgoing person who is passionate about helping children reach their educational goals.  Someone who wants to learn and grow as a professional and an individual.  You must be able to organize your caseload to meet deadlines.  Another requirement of the positions is that you proficient with technology and able to use multiple software and online platforms to complete their work.  Lastly, all applicants must have a degree in school psychology.

The position currently offers:

Hours: Must be available for 28 a week or more.  The working hours are based on the special education meeting schedule established by the school where the case is being conducted.  You are able to work your own hours outside of scheduled meetings as long as you demonstrate an ability to meet deadlines.  *While we are currently focusing on our most immediate need, we are also looking for some part-time school psychology employees.  If you are only currently available part-time but are looking to grow into a full-time position at the beginning on the next school year, please feel free to submit your resume.  We currently have standing contract offers in for additional school network in the 2021-22 school year and are looking to fill those positions. 

Pay: We are currently offering $45-52 per hour based on experience.

The responsibilities of a MINDscapes School Psychologist include (but are not limited to) the following duties:

  • Establish a productive, educational connection with students and a professional relationship with school officials. Establish and maintain a professional relationship with students.
  • Pre-referral consultation to ensure that intervention services are delivered in accordance with state and federal guidelines
  • Participate in the evaluation and decision-making activities of Evaluation and IEP teams convened for students with suspected disabling conditions.
  • Multi-factored evaluation activities to plan interventions and/or assist in determining Special Education eligibility and needs, including:

o Collection of pertinent data from existing records;

o Observation of the child in the classroom setting, as appropriate;

o Interviews with the child, parents, and teachers;

o Administration, scoring, and interpretation of measures deemed appropriate by the professional, such as; intellect, achievement, personality, visual-perceptual skills, sensory, fine and gross motor coordination, adaptive behavior, communication skills, and social-emotional adjustment.


  • Consult and coordinate with school officials regarding identification and placement activities for students with suspected disabilities;
  • Coordinate data collection and preparation of Evaluation Team Report, including the evaluation of data collected by school personnel.
  • Post-evaluation conference with parents, school officials, teachers, and school staff members regarding evaluation findings and strategies for meeting identified needs;
  • Preparations, completion, and dissemination of forms required in the course of service delivery.
  • Adherence to appropriate professional codes of ethics.
  • Additional school-based services will be provided on an as-needed basis (screenings, behavior plans, functional behavioral analysis, etc.) based on availability of the school psychologist and availability of hours in the service contract.

How to apply:

Submit your resume and a short cover letter explaining two things:

  1. Why you like being a school psychologist.
  2. Why you love working with children.

We can’t wait to hear from you!  Please feel free to reach out with any questions concerning the position to