When Your Child is Struggling in School

When children are struggling in school, it can be heart-breaking.  Parents are left to support their child who, for some unknown reason, does not learn as easily as other children.  Perhaps siblings find learning a breeze.  You may wonder if your child is rebellious, but disciplinary strategies are not successful to change behaviors.  Due to chronic school difficulties, a child may begin to demonstrate adverse behaviors such as refusal to follow adult directives, avoidance of tasks, and/or impulsiveness.  These behaviors are typically related to the child’s effort to hide school difficulties and avoid peer humiliation/bullying. 

Due to misunderstandings regarding the root of the child’s behaviors, children who struggle to maintain pace with the general education curriculum may exhibit anxious, hyper, depressed, or even oppositional behaviors.  He or she is then at-risk for bullying, poor self-esteem, underachievement, and ultimately, school drop-out.  If your child is experiencing such difficulties, it is important to find out WHY!  At this point, parents should stop disciplining and start advocating for their struggling child. 

In this special education blog series, we will cover the who, what, when, where, why, and how of Special Education services.  We will untangle the mysteries and myths associated with special education services to help get your child back on a pathway to success.  Follow this series for a step-by-step guide to accessing ALL available supports for your child at school.  While it isn’t a simple process, it can be an effective means to bring your child back to a place of self-confidence and emotional well-being.  As you continue to read, it is our hope that you will be infused with hope regarding your struggling learner’s future outcomes.  Together, we can bring back the light in his/her eyes!  In Part II of this series, we will discuss the first step in the process—Discovering the WHY of school struggles.

If you are in immediate need of support, please contact our office for assistance.  As a service to the special needs community, your first hour of consultation with Dr. Sears is FREE.

Dr. Sears is an author, public speaker, and Nationally-certified School Psychologist. She earned her PhD in School Psychology at The Ohio State University.  Dr. Sears is licensed by the Ohio Boards of Psychology and Education. She is the founder and co-owner of MINDscapes LLC, a company that provides educational and therapeutic services to children.  Her career has taken her to public, private, charter and homeschooled settings, where she has made a remarkable difference.  Her many awards and recognitions in the field are a testament to Dr. Sears’s passion to improve the psychological and emotional well-being of children with disabilities and their families.