A learning pod is usually created when a group of parents get together and pay one teacher to homeschool their children. Learning pods are small-group classrooms that provide direct instruction for multiple subjects. By grouping students together, parents can take advantage of cost-sharing and greatly reduce the financial impact of private tutoring. While some parents may be comfortable with their child learning 100% online, many parents value the benefit of teacher and peer interactions as a part of their child’s education and socialization.

Learning Pods are an excellent way for children enrolled in online classes (or being
homeschooled) to enrich their education and socialize with their peers. By limiting the size of the class (micro-learning), the teacher is able to adjust the curriculum, based upon the students’ needs, and give greater focus to each student during instruction time. Learning Pods also create a safer, more structured environment that limits the widespread exposure typical of public and even private schools.
The “new normal” for education is being defined right now, by progressive thinkers who can learn to adapt to the changing demands in education. The current pandemic has changed the landscape of education moving forward, and many educational support centers are already finding ways to adapt. They have shifted their business model from one-on-one services to group-based services and have created their own micro-learning centers. Education centers that get on board with the micro-learning concept may be able to grow their business during this difficult economic time.

Some education centers are also equipped to provide additional support services for children with special needs including: speech and language, occupational therapy, Orton-Gillingham tutoring, psychotherapy, behavioral interventions, and educational evaluations. If a child already has an IEP with the school district, an education center may already be equipped to meet all of the student’s IEP goals. Video downloads and live camera access could also be used by students who are not able to attend classes in person and most education centers have this equipment in place.
At MINDscapes LLC we have decided to adopt the micro-learning center concept. This will allow us to provide services to more students in our community, while remaining viable in the future for special education and educational support. If you own a company that provides educational services, you may consider adopting the “Learning Pod” concept.

For more information, visit our Learning Pods webpage.