Learning Pods

Learning Pods…smaller classroom, safer learning!

The goal of Learning Pods is to provide the benefits of traditional classroom instruction in a small classroom environment.  Many school districts are transitioning to online instruction and this may leave children lacking in the areas of social interaction and direct teacher support.  Many parents and students are being left with limited educational choice as they plan for the 2021/22 school year.

Learning Pods provide similar benefits to 1:1 tutoring at a much lower expense; by cost sharing with other parents (sessions are available for as little at $10 per hour).  We will be offering Learning Pods covering a wide variety of skills to students from preschool through eighth grades.  Each session will run for 11 weeks at 2 sessions per week (total of 22 sessions).

Here are the Learning Pods that we are offering for the fall session (click on the title for more information or to register for the pod):

PRE-K (AGES 3-5)

Bubbles, Babbles, and More – PREK– Communication skills for the little ones!


Reading – Grades 1&2 – Direct instruction and reading support for basic reading skills.  Student will learn the fundamentals of reading and will participate in specialized reading interventions.
Reading Comprehension – Grades 1&2 – Direct instruction for Reading Comprehension skills.  Student will learn to read for understanding and retention, so that they learn what they are reading, instead of simply reading the words individually.  
Math – Grades 1&2 – Direct instruction and reading support for basic math skills with our specialized tutors.  Sometimes math can be difficult to learn.  Our math tutors use a multi-function approach to learning, ensuring that your student will learn math regardless of their learning style.
Handwriting – Grades 1-3 – Work on handwriting skills and develop strong hand/eye coordination with our highly skilled Occupational Therapists.
Social Emotional – Grades K-3This pod will focus on Social-Emotional development.  In order to interact well with others, we need to be able to understand social expectations and the emotions of others.  In this Learning Pod, students will use social practice, instruction, and role playing to help them better understand their feelings and interact with their teachers and peers.


Social Emotional – Grades 4-6 -This pod will focus on Social-Emotional development.  As students get older, their emotions and social relationships become more complicated.  This pod will help students who lack typical social-emotional skills to be more functional in the education environment.
Social Communication and Friendship Building – Grades 4-6 –Have you heard the buzz about the Social Bees? In this learning pod we will explore and create buzz as we engage in learning social skills and how to apply them in the community we live in.
Mathematics – Grades 4-5 – In this pod, students will further develop their math skills.  In the 5th and 6th grades, math is often based on language (word problems).  This learning pod with focus on helping students strengthen their language-based math skills.
Study Skills – Grades 6-8 – This pod will focus on study strategies and techniques to help students prepare for exams, and review information that they have already learned.  With stronger study skills, students are able to organize the information as they learn, and retain more of their instruction.



Reserve your spot by clicking on the title or “shop” from the top menu to register.  Registration fees are reduced temporarily from $99 to $29.  We will contact you to set up a monthly payment plan.

Scholarships are also available for those with financial difficulties.